About us


Hey, I'm Terron

Let me briefly introduce you to me, the Founder and Brand Ambassador of Shemoóre – Terron Derby, British born, Jamaican heritage but Hebrew bloodline. The name Shemoóre is inspired by Shem, one of the three sons of Noah who through Biblical lineage brought forth the 12 Tribes of Israel, more commonly known today as the Hebrew Israelites – ‘A Royal Priesthood’. Through scripture I have learned that the Israelites are currently scattered across the four corners of the earth. Due to being taken from Western Africa where the infamous Trans-Atlantic slave trade took place many of the tribes captured were transported to America and throughout the western hemisphere including the Caribbean Island & Europe. However, continuing on with the history behind the name – the intention of the double ‘OÓ’ is to signify our unity, oneness and togetherness as Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses. With that said, the vision of Shemoóre is to simply supply a wide catalogue of carefully produced products, which are designed to bring you back to your traditional roots using nothing but herbs and oils all finished with natural resources.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create, produce and provide high quality products that promote health and healing to your hair, skin and body. All whilst only using natural ingredients, blended with relatively organic fruits and herbal extracts.

How Was Shemoóre Born?

I am sure that my supporters (and those currently reading this) can relate when I say that personal struggle breeds profound success, right? I am a firm believer that no great success story is without its failures, hard times and tribulations. In 2010 I was forced to re-evaluate my wellbeing, health and lifestyle choices due to serious Hormonal Imbalance Issues (HII), which sadly had side effects that no one could have prepared me for. HII coupled with hair straightening chemicals (aka; perm or relaxers) resulted in major hair loss and brought a devastating reaction that resulted in hospitalisation.

The summer of that year, I adopted a ‘get better or get bitter’ frame of mind, you know how it goes fight or flight. I attended hair and food workshops, seminars on the importance of nurturing natural afro hair and brought several books on health, hair and wellbeing. The results were amazing, its’ not only what we put on our hair but also what we put inside our body that can have lasting and damaging effects – from then I prided myself on two very key findings; no more perms and no more processed foods.

There’s a certain determination that comes from an individual who is on a highly beneficial mission. I implemented juicing, added raw and alkaline foods to my diet and became increasingly fascinated with the miracle benefits behind them for optimum health and hair. Results were clearly evident from my dietary changes, I had more energy, my skin was fresh and I noticed a healthy weight loss. I then began to make my own herbal hair rinses using 100% natural oils in an attempt to strengthen back my hair follicles, the intention was there but my hair was too severely damaged from my HII and perm chemicals – there was only one thing for it ‘The Big Chop’. Adapting to my new look brought a new found confidence; I was rocking a low fade, beautiful and blessed. I reapplied my herbal hair rinses and my natural hair took to it with immediate results. From time to time however, for sheer versatility and a change every now and again I opted for different protective hairstyles but as it stands, I am in LOVE with the versatility of my natural hair.

In 2011, I furthered my knowledge on hair care treatments and began a self-taught expedition on making and perfecting my own natural, high-end shampoo and conditioner range. I undertook first hands experience on how to blend, mix and organically handle natural ‘raw’ products. It hadn’t even begun to dawn on me that, in between the hands-on workshops, one-to-one sessions and late night home whisks in my kitchen a deeper understanding of how importance self-love and care to our skin and hair was being created.

Shemoóre Today

Fast-forward till September 2017, I can proudly say that I am completing my Diploma in Health and Science Nutrition and I am constantly continuing to study nutrition; I am pro-actively educating people whichever way I can on the numerous ways to implement healthier lifestyle changes, this includes foods and herbs that can support wellbeing.

With my knowledge, passion and ambition increased from the comfort of my humble home Shemoóre was Born. Today, you can be sure to find me hand crafting new ways to make natural hair and skin care products, all which are carefully created to enhance and restore the natural nutrition’s and moisture for your hair and skin. All products are made free from chemicals, paraben, harsh sulphates, paraffin’s, phalates and artificial perfumes, making Shemoóre one of the UK’s first small businesses which produce and sell 100% natural hair and skin collections.

Yes, I believe in Shemoóre and the brilliant results it will bring to all who use it and that is why I am proud to be the creator and ambassador of the product – the only factor that I am not is the face, the face of the brand is and will always be you; the consumer, the people that the product was created for, wear your crown with pride!

Peace, love and eternal blessings to you all, Shemoóre x