5 Signs That You Have Hormonal Imbalance.

5 Signs That You Have Hormonal Imbalance.

Hormonal imbalance is not spoken about nearly enough among all genders—but especially in women’s health. This is a huge problem because 80% of women worldwide suffer from hormonal imbalances. The majority of that percentage are also unaware that certain symptoms or conditions like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) that they experience are caused by these imbalances.

I, personally, have dealt with hormonal imbalance and its effects in my life for a long time. I was lucky enough to learn of it before the damage became irreversible and subsequently took it upon myself to learn more about hormonal imbalances even beyond my experience.

So as I heal and have made the necessary changes in my life to alter the course of my wellbeing, I’m also on a mission to help other women who may be going through similar experiences—and may not even know it. In this post, I’ll be sharing the most common signs and pointers to look out for because they may mean that your hormones are very much out of balance.

  1. Hair, Skin, and Nail Issues: The growth and health of your hair, skin, and nails are largely impacted by your hormones. Androgen hormones like testosterone and DHEA as well as oestrogen play key roles in factors such as hair growth, hair health, sebum production in the skin, and so on.

Excessively high or low secretion of these hormones can result in symptoms such as hair loss, excess body hair growth, hormonal acne, brittle fingernails, and dull, yellow-ish fingernails.

  1. Irregular Menstrual Cycles: Irregular or inconsistent periods could be a sign of either hormonal imbalance or PCOS. If your irregular cycles are caused by hormonal imbalance, you can address this by adopting key lifestyle changes such as healthier diets, exercise, stress management, curated treatment plans from an OB-GYN or other women’s health professional, and more.

For adult women experiencing PCOS who are not trying to conceive, the most common treatment is birth control. On the other hand, treatments differ for younger females and women looking to conceive. If you are a female in either category, I recommend consulting an OB-GYN to find the safest and most suitable solutions for you.

  1. Disruptive PMS: This occurs when symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) are unnaturally severe, disabling, and prolonged. The most typical of these symptoms of disruptive PMS include extreme mood swings, severe cramps, breast tenderness, bloating, fatigue, and changes in your sleep and eating habits.

Out of these, the symptom that stands out the most is vicious mood swings that can disrupt your daily life and sometimes damage relationships.

  1. Night Sweats and Hot Flashes: Random hot flashes during the day or consistently waking up drenched in sweat are major warning signs of hormonal imbalance.
  2. Weight Gain: This is a symptom that many people find frustrating and difficult to deal with. Persistent weight gain or trouble losing weight even when you make exercise and dietary efforts can very often be attributed to hormonal imbalances, especially in women.
  3. Other probable signs of hormonal imbalance that you shouldn’t ignore include:
  1. Breast discharge when you aren’t currently breastfeeding.
  2. Heavy flows and pelvic pain during menstruation.
  3. Trouble with sleep, digestion, or focus.
  4. Fatigue.
  5. Persistent cold hands and feet.

Restore Your Balance with Shemoóre.

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Keeping your hormones balanced is exceedingly important for your entire body to function properly. Unaddressed hormonal imbalances can elicit several unwanted consequences as time goes by. This is why more women and people in general need to learn about this condition and how to balance it out—the knowledge may just save your life.

Statistically, the average woman will experience normal, temporary symptoms of hormonal balance. But if you notice that your symptoms are more severe and/or persistent than normal, I advise that you take action immediately.

To learn more about holistic health and wellbeing and find out more about Shemoóre natural products, visit our website and follow us on our Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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